Out with the old and in with the new (aka bye, bye Etsy)

Etsy recently announced some changes that makes it difficult (or impossible) to collect sales tax from buyers in the EU in a way that the tax authorities will be ok with, which, to speak frankly, sucks. But instead of getting annoyed I decided this was the kick in the behind I needed to get this new site rolling. Better run your own place than fighting with bulls. Etsy was a wonderful spot for me when I opened up my shop in October 2006, that's almost ten years ago! It was wonderful to be part of the brand new market place and the sense of community was great. At that time it was still possible to attract customers directly via Etsy, while it is a big challenge today. This was great for my new little business and for me coming from a country with a small population it felt rather fantastic to have the whole world at my feet. Some day I will make a record of how many countries I've sold to!

My Umbrella mini quilt featured on Etsy's front page in April 2008. I'm glad I captured this!

My Umbrella mini quilt featured on Etsy's front page in April 2008. I'm glad I captured this!

Back in the days blogging was quite new and I remember when meeting people irl that I was a bit embarrassed to talk about my blog. At the time blogs were seen as on-line diaries, where young girls talked about their body issues :) But blogging grew big also among quilters and crafty folk, I guess because the blog format is so well suited for visual arts. What I very much appreciate with blogging is how you can show the process and the story behind the finished product. For those of you who want to look back, my old blog is still around (but I stopped paying for it so try to ignore the odd template).


Flickr was another important place for me, thanks to the many active groups and the lovely community. It still is like a portfolio of nearly everything I've made during the last ten years and I find it very useful to have when I want to go back and look for something I made previously. It is much better organized than the files on my computer! Like many others I have jumped on the Instagram train (I was a bit late) so that is where I am sharing my daily doings now.  

But I do miss blogging and a place to call my own on-line. So that is what I am building here! A place where I have everything under the same roof and that looks like me! 

x Kajsa